Dr. Toby Hector

E-mail: tobias.hector@zoo.ox.ac.uk

I am interested in the evolution and ecology of host-parasite interactions and the impacts of global environmental changes on infectious disease. 


Laidlaw, T., Hector, T.E., Sgro, C.M., and Hall, M.D. 2021. Pathogen exposure limits the expression of sexual dimorphism in a host’s thermal limits. Ecology and Evolution 10, 12851-12859

Hector, T.E., Sgro, C.M., Hall, M.D. 2020. The influence of immune activation on thermal tolerance along a latitudinal cline. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 99: e52613.

Hector, T.E., Sgro, C.M., Hall, M.D. 2019. Pathogen exposure disrupts an organism’s ability to cope with thermal stress. Global Change Biology 25, 3893-3905.

Hector, T.E., Booksmythe, I. 2019. Digest: Little evidence exists for a virulence-transmission trade-off. Evolution 73, 858-859.


2021 PhD, Monash University

2014 BSc (Hons), University of Stirling

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