Prof. Kayla King

Phone: +44 186 528 1988

I am Professor of Evolutionary Ecology and European Research Council Starting Investigator at the University of Oxford. I hold a Tutorial Fellowship in Biology at Christ Church College.


For a complete list of publications, please refer to the Publications page.







Professor of Evolutionary Ecology

Associate Professor in Parasite Biology, University of Oxford, UK

Tutorial Fellow in Biology, Christ Church College

Royal Society Newton Fellow, University of Liverpool, UK

NERC Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Liverpool, UK


2006-2011     PhD. Indiana University, USA

‘Relationship between host-parasite coevolution and genetic diversity in natural snail populations’ (Funded by NSERC PGS-D, Supervised by Prof CM Lively)


2004-2006     MSc. Concordia University, Canada

‘Parasite communities of leopard frogs from wetland habitats impacted by agriculture’ (Funded by NSERC PGS-M, Supervised by Profs DJ Marcogliese and JD McLaughlin)


2001-2004     BSc. Zoology. University of British Columbia, Canada (Supervisor: Prof D Schluter)

Grants and Fellowships


Christ Church Research Centre ‘Protection in the wild: can
bacteria shape animal responses to disease?’ (PI King, £28,780)


European Research Council Starter Grant ‘COEVOPRO: Drivers and
consequences of coevolution in a protective symbiosis’ (PI King, €1.5 million)


Wellcome Trust ISSF Grant ‘Establishing an animal-microbiota model’ (PI King, £99,790)

Philip Leverhulme Prize Funds ‘Evolution of host resistance to coinfection’ (PI King, £100,000)


Leverhulme Project Grant ‘Transitions to defensive mutualism: an experimental coevolution approach’ (PI King, £227,000)


John Fell Fund ‘Protective bacteria: an evolving gut microbiome’ (PI King, £93,000)

Royal Society Project Grant ‘Can gut microbiota drive parasite evolution?’ (PI King, £13,000)

British Ecological Society Small Grant ‘Do gut microbiota impact snail-trematode coevolution? (PI King, £5,000)


Royal Society Newton International Fellowship ‘Coinfection and coevolution: an experimental evolution approach’ (PI King, £105,000)


Natural Environment Research Council ‘Beyond the Red Queen: are elevated parasite evolutionary rates driven by host shifts?’ (Co-I King, PI Greg Hurst-Liverpool, £560,000)


Natural Science and Engineering Research Council Canada Doctoral Fellowship


NSERC Post-graduate Studies MSc Fellowship


2020  Linnean Society Bicentenary Medal
           Peter Wall Institute International Visiting Scholar Fellowship

2018  Philip Leverhulme Prize for Biological Sciences

2017  Oxford University Student’s Union Outstanding Graduate Supervisor Award

2013  American Society of Naturalists Jasper Loftus-Hills Young Investigator Prize

Prior to 2013: 
ThinkSwiss Research Award
Indiana University College of Arts & Science Award
METACyt Molecular Evolution Award
Canadian Society of Zoology Murray Fallis Prize
American Society of Parasitologists Prize
NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award
University of British Columbia Scholar
Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal

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