Our Team

PhD 2011, Indiana University
MSc 2006, Concordia University
BSc 2004, University of British Columbia

PhD 2018, Imperial College London
MSci 2014, University College-London
PhD 2019, University of Liverpool

BSc 2014, University of Exeter

PhD 2018, University of Neuchâtel
MSc 2013, University of Munich
BSc 2011, Universidad de los Andes
PhD 2021, Monash University
BSc (Hons) 2014, University of Stirling
PhD 2019, Emory University
BSc 2014, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
MRes 2020, Northwestern Polytechnical Institute
BSc 2017, Northwestern Polytechnical Institute
BA (Hons) 2017, University of Oxford
PhD 2020, University of Bristol
BSc 2015, University of Bath

Past lab members

Dr. Maria Ordovas-Montanes (Oxford, DPhil 2020)
Dr. Alice Ekroth (Oxford, DPhil 2020)
Dr. Charlotte Rafaluk-Mohr (post-doc 2014-2019), now Fellow at Freie University
Jordan Sealey (Oxford, tech 2017-2019), now PhD student at U Bristol
Dr. Alex Betts (Oxford, DPhil 2017), now at Public Health England
Dylan Dahan (Oxford, MA 2018), now PhD student at Stanford U
Dr. Crystal Frost (Liverpool, post-doc 2012-2014)
Dr. Crystal Vincent (Oxford, technician 2014-2015), now PDRA at Imperial College
Hannah Lepper (Oxford, BA 2015)
Emily Jones (Liverpool, MSc 2013)
Dr. Steve Parratt (Liverpool, PhD 2013), now PDRA at U Liverpool


Ben Ashby (Bath)
Tim Barraclough (Oxford)
Mike Bonsall (Oxford)
Mike Brockhurst (Sheffield)
Michael Gerth (Oxford Brookes)
Ashleigh Griffin (Oxford)
Alex Hall (ETH-Zurich)
Maurine Neiman (Iowa)
Steve Paterson (Liverpool)
Edze Westra (Exeter)
Alison Woollard (Oxford)
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